Nicole Johnson

Baltimore based abstract artist and surface designer, Nicole Johnson, creates up-cycled paintings using re-purposed canvas and board as a base for her lively, dynamically playful and often illuminating images. Utilizing resist techniques, hand painting, and drawing - packed with a variety of layers - it is not hard to observe that Nicole’s main source of inspiration is her obsession with circles and spherical elements.

Nicole earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a concentration in textile design, from Moore College of Art & Design located in Philadelphia. No longer restricted by the confines of the textile industry, Nicole converts her knowledge and skill of repeat pattern design into her abstract creations.

Nicole transformed her love for pattern and layered print making as a manner in which to express herself – whether through expressing emotions, stages and seasons in life or inspiration from conversations with would-be recipients of her work – Nicole allows the image to become what it was meant to be, organically.

Nicole’s work can be seen in and around the greater Baltimore area, the Eastern Shore, and many Maryland homes.

To follow Nicole, learn about commissioning work for your space, how to purchase or where else to find her showing work – please make contact.